Organizing the Qi Field with The Eight Verses


Organizing the Qi field is to consciously merge yourself with the external environment harmoniously. This creates the optimal exchange of life force allowing the practice to enhance physical health, emotional intelligence, and the consciousness of every person in the field. Organizing the Qi field before practicing Zhineng Qigong is essential for several reasons:

  1. Alignment and Preparation: Organizing the Qi field helps align you with the energy flow within yourself and the surrounding environment. This alignment prepares the body and mind for the practice ahead, creating a conducive environment for effective energy cultivation.
  2. Enhanced Focus: By organizing the Qi field, you can focus your attention and intention more effectively. This focused state of mind allows for deeper immersion in the practice, facilitating better results and experiences.
  3. Optimizing Energy Flow: The Qi field serves as a container or conduit for Qi, the vital life force energy. When properly organized, it ensures that Qi flows smoothly and efficiently throughout the body, enhancing vitality and promoting holistic well-being.
  4. Creating a Supportive Atmosphere: Organizing the Qi field helps establish a supportive atmosphere for practice, both individually and collectively. This supportive energy can amplify the benefits of the practice and foster a sense of community and shared intention among practitioners.
  5. Safety and Stability: A well-organized Qi field provides a stable foundation for practice, reducing the risk of energetic imbalances or disruptions. This helps ensure a safe and effective experience, minimizing potential adverse effects.

Overall, organizing the Qi field before practicing Zhineng Qigong sets the stage for your harmonious and fruitful experience, optimizing the flow of energy and creating a conducive environment for personal growth and transformation.

Using the Eight Verses created by Dr. Pang Ming to organize the Qi field is a foundation of Zhineng Qigong.

The eight verses serve mainly to organize the Qi field. Each verse has a special meaning and gets you into the Qigong state before starting a practice. Through the visualization, Qi is concentrated in the environment. The deeper you are in the Qigong state, the stronger the effect of the Qigong exercise. The eight verses are also suitable as an independent mantra.

The Eight Verses

ding tian li di
Head touches sky; feet stand on earth.
xing song yi chong
Body relaxes; mind expands.
wai jing nei jing
Outside is respectful; inside is quiet, tranquil.
xin cheng mao gong
The mind is clear, like a still body of water; appearance is humble.
yi nian bu qi
No distracting thoughts.
shen zhu tai kong
The mind opens to infinite awareness, infinite potential.
shen yi zhao ti
The mind goes deep into the body to illuminate every cell.
zhou shen rong rong
The entire body is harmonized with Qi, harmonized with Qi.

Organizing the Qi field is done before every practice whether it’s an individual or group practice. In a group, the leader’s gongfu (ability to be fully present and focused) guides the group through words, movement, or the power of their own field. Every participant also exponentially adds to the group Qi field.


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