End-of-life doula

There have been a lot of changes in end-of-life care with “hospice” and palliative care becoming household words. With this exposure comes an awakening in the hearts of those who hear the call to work with people at the end of their life. An awakening that allows them to bring a level of conscious awareness to the dying and to meet the person where they are in their process in that moment.

Our Modern World

Today, many people are living for decades longer than they did years ago. Many are dying more slowly from chronic illnesses. Technology makes it possible to try additional treatments often resulting in severe, debilitating side effects and possible loss of control and dignity. Families are torn apart with sides being taken on a possible cure as opposed to quality of life. Treatments, which can sometimes be life-saving, are often associated with more frequent or lengthy hospital stays increasing the possibility of a hospital death instead of a home death.

Death Empowerment

Eventually the process evolves from fighting death to death empowerment. Those who offer this care are offering to accompany people as they are dying providing comfort with listening and guidance, meditation, prayer, singing or other sources of peace and solace. Sometimes just their conscious presence is enough to bring stillness to an otherwise chaotic situation.

A Conscious Death

One of the greatest gifts we can offer another is to journey with them as they are dying. As an End-of-Life Doula since 2018, Reyna works with those who are on the threshold of death providing support and education for them and their families as they navigate the advanced illness, choices to be made, dying, death, and early bereavement.

As an advocate for the dying, she strives to preserve their precious normality and be part of a loving, caring team while providing companionship and support. A conscious death is the gift of life.

Hunyuan Qi Therapy

As a Certified Hunyuan Qi therapist, Reyna can (upon request) utilize Hunyuan Qi Therapy (HYQT) with the dying, transforming negative emotional states, limiting thought processes, and behavioral patterns to evolve into building up a strong inner state of positive polarity, joy, harmony, balance and upright thoughts and emotions. Learn more about HYQT.