What is Hunyuan Qi Therapy?


Hunyuan Qi Therapy (HYQT) is a medical treatment that has been developed based on the theory of the Hunyuan Whole Entity, the foundation of Zhineng Qigong Science. It is a holistic energy therapy that treats disease with external Qi, adjusting the mindset, and Zhineng Qigong exercises. The objective is to transform disease, thereby prolonging and enhancing life.

Being a holistic therapy, the focus is on the root of the illness, nourishing your life force through reaching more optimal levels of balance, be it physical, psychosomatic, and/or the vital essences realm of being. Yet, contrary to western science ideology, the paradigm shift of HYQT is its ability to work exclusively with the inherent and innate ability of your body to heal itself. Once again, the focus is on the root of the illness, not the illness itself.

The degree to which you understand this concept will help the therapist formulate the most accessible approach for your therapy. This information will enable you to open heart and mind completely to the present moment and regain your trust and belief in your own ability to heal. In fact, it is pivotal to transcend beyond trusting and believing into the realm of knowing that healing is completely possible. Below are some characteristics and principles that are important for you to grasp the power and beauty of HYQT and benefit significantly from this energy therapy.

Setting Intention

The main ingredient and starting point in your conscious healing process is to first formulate a concise intention. The importance of your intention is truly the fuel source, the driving mechanism, for the very existence of the universe. This applies to all levels of living life, including your daily life activities, and is a key ingredient in the healing process. Your intention is the flag that is set, focusing your mind on it with energy and determination and following it to reach your desired outcome.

Focus on the Desired Outcome

When formulating your intention, you must focus on the result, not the illness. If you focus on the illness, the likelihood of succumbing to an illness mindset is high. Yes, the illness is in the present moment, yet it is merely a reflection of your past. An intention is set for the future. Just as an illness comes from the past and intertwines with the present moment, so too is an intention that is set for the future interlaced in the present, through the action of life activity. Although the intention is not yet manifested, as in the case of a current state of illness, when you set an intention, you focus on what life would be like when this intention is realized.

An example is if you want to heal a knee. The intention is not to heal the knee. The intention is to hike Mount Shasta in an upcoming summer. This creates the intention for the direction in the your life. Allowing yourself to feel and sense on every level what life will be like when this is accomplished creates fuel for the focus on the end result.

Become More Aware of Thoughts

Following the creation of a clear intention, the next step is to become conscious of your thoughts — and to observe them. This helps determine if you are in the positive or negative polarity of the thought realm of living life. Are the thoughts you are repeatedly thinking in alignment with your intention? This is important because although intention is the instruction of living your life, so too are thoughts in a subtle yet profound way. If you have a strong intention and thoughts that support that intention, your intention may manifest in your life very quickly. If the intention is not strong and/or the thoughts are in the negative polarity and do not support the intention, your ability to recover health is compromised.

Frame of Reference

Another aspect of the therapy that will benefit you is becoming aware and adjusting your Frame of Reference. Beyond the negative and positive polarity cycle, your Frame of Reference points to your perception of life and may need to be adjusted to be in alignment with your intention. This is an important aspect of HYQT because this frame is the foundation of the thinking mind, and will help you understand more deeply your own consciousness and existing perspective that may (or may not) be supporting your intention.

You could liken your intention to the steering wheel of a boat, with your frame of reference serving as the sails, and your individual thoughts reflecting the steadfastness or attention given to steering.

Hunyuan Qi Therapy

When it comes to the actual therapy, countless methods are available, yet it follows the principles of all of life. Open/close, absorb/release, in/out, and transform are the laws that all of nature follows. These natural laws are the ones used in HYQT. An imbalance in your physical or mental wellness can always be traced to an imbalance in one of these laws.

During a therapy session, the Hunyuan Qi therapist(s) will collect Qi from the universe, called external Qi, and will emit this Qi to you, the client. This is important to know because external universal Qi is ever abundant. The therapist is not using his or her own Qi for this process. You need only relax and focus on the intention, connect to it, and then let it go, so as not to engage in too much thinking, and continue the relaxation process to better absorb the Qi therapy.

Continuing the Healing

Lastly, depending on your condition, the therapist will suggest several Zhineng Qigong practices to continue your healing process. This is also an important step in empowering you to further foster wellness and inner wisdom to continue the journey as a practitioner of Zhineng Qigong, reaping the benefits of that journey.

To learn about HYQT or become a therapist yourself, please visit HunyuanQiTherapy.com.

Originally published in Zhineng Qigong Science Worldwide Magazine, 2018, Volume 1. This version has been edited.