Zhineng Qigong Human Potential transformation

Qi is vibration. Qi is the oscillation of the meridians which is like the vibrations of a guitar string. When you strum a guitar string, the string vibrates, and you hear sound. When something improves the oscillation of the meridians, it increases the Qi available to the body. This increase in available Qi can remove blockages and raise the vibration of the human experience. Like strumming the string results in sound, the free flow of Qi in the meridians promotes ease and wellness in the body.
Beyond physical and emotional pain lies the new horizon of human potential. Connecting to true self-awareness is the key to bringing harmony and peace to the heart and mind and manifesting the path of the soul’s intention.
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The Qi Field

When people participate in a Zhineng Qigong event, whether online or in person, they join a collective field that reflects the vibration of all those who have contributed to the field — students, teachers, masters. This is called the Qi Field. The mind is used as part of this practice to “create and enter” the Qi Field.

The Qi Field is how the universe expresses itself, and it mirrors the vibration of the intersection of the form and formless aspects of the human experience. It is the place where all healing takes place and the expansion of the human form reaches its full potential.

Online trainings offer something special. For many people, the freedom of solitude allows them to more fully embrace the vibration of the Qi Field without the distraction of feeling observed and the stress of interacting with others. This can deepen the ability to focus within.

In-person retreats and classes allow the participant to experience the Qi Field amplified by the immediate proximity of the teacher and other participants who are also experiencing the shifts in conscious awareness. And for those attending in-person retreats, the continuual 24-hour immersion adds tremendously to the experience.

Organizing the Qi Field with The Eight Verses

Using the Eight Verses to organize the Qi field is a foundation of Zhineng Qigong.

Organizing the Qi field is to consciously merge within yourself and merge with the external environment harmoniously. This creates the optimal exchange of life force allowing the practice to enhance physical health, emotional intelligence, and the consciousness of every person in the field.

Organizing the Qi field is done before every practice whether it’s an individual or group practice. In a group, the leader’s gongfu (ability to be fully present and focused) guides the group through words, movement, or the power of their own field. Every participant also exponentially adds to the group Qi field.

顶天立地 ding tian li di – Head touches sky; feet stand on earth.

形松意充 xing song yi chong – Body relaxes; mind expands.

外敬内静 wai jing nei jing – Outside is respectful; inside is quiet, tranquil.

心澄貌恭 xin cheng mao gong – The mind is clear, like a still body of water; appearance is humble.

一念不起 yi nian bu qi – No distracting thoughts.

神注太空 shen zhu tai kong – The mind opens to infinite awareness, infinite potential.

神意照体 shen yi zhao ti – Bring that infinite awareness deep into the body to illuminate every cell.

周身融融 zhou shen rong rong – The entire body is harmonized with Qi, harmonized with Qi