Activate Your Healing Qi

with Reyna & Dani​

1-Day Event
all Levels Welcome

Saturday, April 22, 2023
9am - 4pm Pacific Time

($79 Until April 1)

Renew - Refresh - Rejoice

Activate Your Healing Qi events are intended to renew your focus, refresh your energy, and inspire you to rejoice in abundance. It will take you to a deeper level of yourself to rediscover your natural rhythm allowing you to plant the seeds of your own intentions so they may blossom into reality for you.” — Reyna

Activate Your Healing Qi

1-Day Events: June, August, October
3-Day Events: December 2023

Profound Connection

Join us to experience the connection to yourself and the powerful Qi field in a way that will leave you with a renewed mind/body connection. Feel revitalized and refreshed as you expand into the awareness that is always available to you but that you have shutdown as part of being in the modern world and taking care of a myriad of responsibilities and tasks.

What is the Qi Field

When people participate in a Zhineng Qigong event, whether online or in person, they join a collective field that reflects the vibration of all those who have contributed to the field — students, teachers, masters. This is called the Qi Field. The mind is used as part of this practice to “create and enter” the Qi Field.

The Qi Field is how the universe expresses itself, and it mirrors the vibration of the intersection of the form and formless aspects of the human experience. It is the place where all healing takes place and the expansion of the human form reaches its full potential.

Online trainings offer something special. For many people, the freedom of solitude allows them to more fully embrace the vibration of the Qi Field without the distraction of feeling observed and the stress of interacting with others. This can deepen the ability to focus within.

Welcome to Your Qi Nap

A Qi Nap is a beautiful way to allow the Qi that you have generated during your session to further balance and harmonize with your entire body, mind and spirit. It is often preceded by either a physical practice or a guided meditative journey intended to activate your Qi for the purpose of healing and renewal. If there is no time in a 1-day event, feel free to take your Qi Nap when the event is over. 3-day events always include Qi naps.

Activate Your Healing Qi
(1-Day Event)

Saturday, April 22, 2023
9am - 4pm Pacific Time

($79 Until April 1)

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Meet Your Instructors

Reyna and Dani have very different complementary styles of presenting Qigong. By working with both of them, the participant can explore Qi from an experience that feels complete and results in balance and wholeness.

Reyna Lerma

Reyna has studied Zhineng Qigong for 14 years. She lovingly shares the wisdom of the practice with her students, readily supporting their intimate exploration of personal health and healing. Reyna firmly believes we each have a vast amount of energy readily available to us at any moment through any circumstance which is the catalyst for healing. Read full bio.

Reyna Lerma &
Daniela Carraro

Dani Carraro

Dani has dedicated over 25 years of study to the cultivation of fierce kindness, connectedness, and joy, searching worldwide for the original wisdom of the heart. Dani embodies and is integrating a new energy level from which she has begun to heal and teach others. She transmits her own embodiment of the energy of the Mother – Quan Yin – the goddess of fierce grace and compassion.